Who is Kit Elliott?

I’m a TEN YEAR Overnight Success

  Hi there.

My name is Kit Elliott, and yes, ten years ago I was teaching 6th grade Science full-time, working 60 hours a week.   When you work in a high-stress atmosphere for 60 hours per week, it takes a toll on your body and health.  At the end, I was limping with nerve damage on the right side of my leg.  I had signs of Diabetes setting in due to the stressful environment.  

Finding a way to break free from this stress was not just a wish, it was MANDATORY.   

I had to find something that worked!

That’s when I tested and tweaked and figured out a blueprint for making money online.   I worked day and night and put in the work to change my situation.

As a result, I now make over $43,000 per month in profit because I cracked the online code.  

 Now, I know without a doubt what works and what doesn’t.    

Who is Kit Elliott? Different Revenue Streams…

I have many different revenue streams online and offline.  I started out 10 years ago with absolutely no programming and design experience.  Fast forward to today, I’m spending six figures on the different outsourcing sites, and I do most the design and programming you see on the site.   I make money from many different areas:  Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Health & Fitness,  Online Advertising, Joint Ventures, Real Estate, My Own Products, Consultation, Speaking, My Own Book, Blogging, Ebay.. (and the list goes on and on..)

My goal is to not deliver conceptual stuff, but actual step by step usable content that you can use and implement immediately to see results.  I get so tired of “feel good” training that’s ALL FLUFF and PUFF.  If you’re like me and need actual steps you can implement RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW, then we’ll get along just fine.

Go Above and Beyond to Become a Top Earner!

YOUR goal is to provide as much value to YOUR LEADS and to YOUR TEAM as you possibly can. When you place the emphasis on the value and training you provide, it instantly attracts the right people to your team.

Oddly enough, you look MORE attractive and people YELL at you for your buy now link.

Make sense?

I look forward to connecting with you and seeing what greatness we can deliver to this world.   If you want to work with me, then click here:

Share and Conquer,

Kit Elliott


Kit Elliott

Hi there. My name is Kit Elliott. I'm living proof that someone with ZERO marketing knowledge and ZERO programming/design experience can create a residual income online. I understand the struggle because I was stuck at ZERO for a long time, and after 1200 websites, membership sites, adsense sites, funny websites, and more - I understand the key components to building passive residual income. Kit Elliott with Kit Elliott shows you the strategies, the tools, the pitfalls, and the scams to watch out for. If you need anything from me, let me know. I'm here to help! Just Ask!

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  1. Kit Elliott –

    I believe you were the person on the welcome video that explained the e-wallet program. I have a problem with that. I have no scanner. I cannot load my license or any other document into my computer. Therefore I cannot register for an e-wallet account which makes it impossible to receive my affiliate commissions. Do you have a solution for this?


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