s1e5: “How to Get the Best Traffic to Your Website!”

Today’s Podcast Topic:  Best Places to Get Traffic!

As your questions come in, we break down your questions each week as we break down the answer within 10 minutes.  

In this episode of 10 Minute Marketing Madness, we answer the question:

“What is the best traffic sources for my website?”

We answer this by:

  • Letting you know where to advertise right now.
  • How to drilldown and target the right places.
  • Free & Paid advertising sources that work.

Enjoy! IF you have any questions, leave me a comment & you could be featured on the next episode of 10 Minute Marketing Madness.

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Kit Elliott

Hi there. My name is Kit Elliott. I'm living proof that someone with ZERO marketing knowledge and ZERO programming/design experience can create a residual income online. I understand the struggle because I was stuck at ZERO for a long time, and after 1200 websites, membership sites, adsense sites, funny websites, and more - I understand the key components to building passive residual income. Kit Elliott with Kit Elliott shows you the strategies, the tools, the pitfalls, and the scams to watch out for. If you need anything from me, let me know. I'm here to help! Just Ask!

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  1. Everyone is doing facebook ads and it’s tempting to throw money at it but when I go to manually bid facebook tells me that I should be $4 per click. Is thaat normal?

    1. It is getting out of control because the high ticket commission funnels are pushing the costs up because those marketers can easily get their money back on advertising. Make sure you have a nice ROI before you even place ad one.

      A good rule of thumb is to turn 500 clicks through it first to see how many opt-ins you get & how many sales you make before even moving to Facebook.

      Click Here to run a test package of 500 clicks.


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