s1e4: “How to Create Lead Magnets & the Highest Converting Lead Magnets!”

Today’s Podcast Topic:  Lead Magnets!

As your questions come in, we break down your questions each week as we break down the answer within 10 minutes.   For a more detailed podcast about Lead Magnets, click here:

The Top 10 Types of Lead Magnets & How to Monetize Your Traffic

In this episode of 10 Minute Marketing Madness, we answer the question:

“How to Create Lead Magnets & the Highest Converting Lead Magnets!”

We answer this by:

  • Letting you know what the biggest problem right now is with online marketing?
  • The type of lead magnets that are easy to consume and high conversion rate (opt-in rate).
  • How to deliver your lead magnet so it always gets through. HINT: www.LeadPagesPro.com has a one-off where the first email usually goes through without ANY problems.   
  • Techniques that you can use right now on your blog to build a list.

Enjoy! IF you have any questions, leave me a comment & you could be featured on the next episode of 10 Minute Marketing Madness.

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Kit Elliott

Hi there. My name is Kit Elliott. I'm living proof that someone with ZERO marketing knowledge and ZERO programming/design experience can create a residual income online. I understand the struggle because I was stuck at ZERO for a long time, and after 1200 websites, membership sites, adsense sites, funny websites, and more - I understand the key components to building passive residual income. Kit Elliott with Kit Elliott shows you the strategies, the tools, the pitfalls, and the scams to watch out for. If you need anything from me, let me know. I'm here to help! Just Ask!

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  1. I want to signup for ClickFunnels & since you give me so much value for free, do you have an affiliate link that I can go through?

    1. Thanks Daniel,

      You can go through my tracking link:


      I will still get credit. Let me know if you need any help building funnels & I’ll be happy to login to add/edit/connect anything.


  2. You mentioned on the podcast a free book about how to become an expert. Do you have that link for us?

    1. Oh yeah!

      Expert Secrets – You can go through my affiliate link here:


      I’m about to do a 100 video challenge where I go through each nugget of each chapter!

  3. I used this & it worked like promised. Thanks for the recommendation.


  4. Hiya Kit,

    It’s Braden from the UK! I’m listening to the podcast about creating lead magnets and I’m kinda stuck at formatting and getting enough content where I think it’s valueable. What is a good word count? How do you format the PDF? How do you even deliver it to your customers?


  5. A while back you had mentioned something about an software that converts blog posts into PDF’s. Do you still have that link?

    1. OH yeah, I use a “designrr” software.

      Click here to view the Lead Magnet Creator!


  6. I have a hard time writing do you have an easier way to get these lead magnets done?

  7. Which one do you recommend as your highest converting lead magnet?

    1. OH yeah, I use a “designrr” software.

      Click here to view the Lead Magnet Creator!


  8. I saw a video of you creating a lead magnet and now I can’t find it?

  9. On this podcast, is this the same as Traffic Funnels? I must be missing somethign here.

    – H

  10. I have a random question? Do you have a system for Traffic Authority? I see your name on the leaderboards but don’t see any mention of it here on the blog. How are you building that business?

  11. What’s Up Kit!?

  12. Is there a strategy with Lead Magnets that I’m missing here? I can’t come up with any ideas for my biz.

    Any help?

  13. I just subscribed to your SoundCloud! LOoking forward to connecting and learning from each other!


  14. Happy Inauguaration Week! What are your thoughts on this election?

  15. Hey Kit,

    It’s Aron! Wanted to see if you could mastermind with me regarding a new system that rebrands PDF’s for my team & then, presents the presentation. Can you email me/skype?


  16. How do you do adult-themed lead magnets?

  17. Your podcast came up for dog training lead magnets. I have a dog training blog at xxxxxxxx. Do you have any ideas how I can create for dog training market —- people who want dog training for their dog.

  18. The Highest Lead Magnets that I use are the checklists or the how-to reports. People are definitely looking for solutions here. The reports lead magnet works wonders!

  19. I am broke. How do you build anything with no money?

    1. I just put out a new book titled, “The Ten Minute Traffic Guide!”

      Download the guide & I walk you through (actually twelve) great ideas that I use every week in my business to get THOUSANDS of visitors per day at no cost! I think there is one or two that have a small fee attached.

      Click here for the Ten Minute Traffic Guide.

      Share and Conquer,

  20. Do you have a affiliate training for newbies?

    1. Hey Richard,

      We have a FREE Affiliate Training Bootcamp that puts the paid ones to shame.

      Click Here for Super Affiliate Coaching

      Share and Conquer!

  21. Thank you Kit!

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