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UPDATED:  July, 2019.  From WordPress plugins to hosting to autoresponders to sales funnels to lead capture page creators, I get asked on a weekly basis where to find a resource.  As I test it and use it in my business, I will place it here.  Some of these do pay a referral commission and some do not.   I will always add new tools, update previous recommendations, and delete outdated software that I trust…

Let's get it started….

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SamCart:  The best & beautiful order forms that process your orders.  All the leaders use SamCart & if you look at their “order form designs”, you'll recognize a few.

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Match Hosting


  • $3.95 Hosting:  The number one host for WordPress with it's easy push-button installation.

Click Here for Bluehost

  • Hostgator: I always have technical questions for programmers and my hosting company actually answers them 24/7. They don't have to either (because they aren't responsible for WordPress technical support). BUT this is why I use them! They are there 24/7 and they fix my sites on the spot if something breaks!

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Lead Pages & Popup Opt-in Boxes


  • Lead Pages:  Lead Pages is my go to fill-in-the-blanks for website and funnel creation.  They have the top converting website templates that I've seen many sites now copy and use in their own business.  Wonder where they came from?  Look to Lead Pages to set the industry standard.   Other companies should be ashamed for downright stealing Lead Pages CSS code.

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  • My WordPress Theme is by StudioPress: I have used this theme for Match.biz, SuperAffiliate and Kit Elliott w/ Kit Elliott.  They have a directory of themes similar to this that can be used for any niche.   These are top of the line, fast-loading, highly recommended themes throughout ANY industry.

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Free Plugins – Tools I Use to Create Engagement

WordPress Plugins (and growing)

  • Pretty Links: Cloak your affiliates links and manage all of them in one place. This has been a time saver for me because now no more “searching” for affiliate links. They keep them nice and organized like a recipe box.
  • WordPress:  You can download the latest version of WordPress here, and if you need a FREE installation, please check out my free wordpress installation and premium template special.
  • Backup Your WordPress: I hate worrying about if my website goes down – do I lose everything? You know that nagging feeling. Don't fret. This is a simple PRESS A BUTTON and it backs everything up – PRESS A BUTTON and it loads everything back to normal.
  • Advertising Plugin SuperAffiliate Uses: Want people to pay you for advertising on YOUR website. This is an easy to install, easy to add different advertising options (all on autopilot).
  • Share and Follow Plugin: Easily add the social media and bookmarks to your posts and pages. I recommend this one or sexy bookmarks. PLUS free tools to grow your email list, social sharing & analytics.

Email Marketing

  • Aweber: The second best autoresponder and email marketing system I've found. If you're not capturing and following up with your leads, you're not in business. It's a simple as that. Aweber is affordable, very easy to use, and can grow with you as your business grows. I've tried many others, but have always come back to Aweber. Must Have.

  • GetResponse:  The autoresponder for the work from home niche (newbie friendly).  As your business grows & you start selling your own products, then I recommend a CRM platform that will give you more metrics.  Also, keep in mind – as your site grows and your hosting cannot keep up, please let me know.  I know a guy who will set everything up on a VBS and then, optimize it for speed, baby!!!

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Website/Squeeze Page Design


  • Optimize Press: Before Optimize Press, it was common for me to spend $500 to $1,000 or more to have a designer create an opt-in page or sales letter page from scratch. After Optimize Press, I can now “click and create” professional-looking opt-in pages, sales pages, membership sites, and more. It's like getting unlimited website design services for a one-time fee of $97. Another must-have tool that's indispensable.  SOME OF MY OLDER SALES PAGES & MEMBERSHIP SITES STILL USE 1.0 BUT 2.0 IS AWESOME!

Click Here for My Favorite All-Time WordPress Theme

  • Lead Pages Pro:  Lead Pages is my go to fill-in-the-blanks for website and funnel creation.  They have the top converting website templates that I've seen many sites now copy and use in their own business.  Wonder where they came from?  Look to Lead Pages to set the industry standard.   Other companies should be ashamed for downright stealing Lead Pages CSS code.

Membership Software

  • Digital Access Pass: This is the membership software I use to build over seven membership sites like The Click Agency  and Snack Diet (and download pages). This is most advanced and simple to use plugin for WordPress. You drop it in and protect pages. Works with most shopping carts.
  • Optimize Press:   I just started using Optimize Press 2.0 and absolutely love it.  I highly recommend it for the beautiful pages that it creates on the f


Keyword Research

  • Market Samurai: I love Market Samurai because of their rank tracker and SEO competition scoring so you can find profitable markets with little competition fast.
  • Google Keyword Tool: Use this tool to find keywords that are getting the monthly searches that you need to make it “profitable” but the funny thing is that the competition bar does not work right but I still use it as an indicator for “low competition”. Strange?

Link Building

  • SeNuke: This is the complete all-in-one solution for getting the top spot for ANY keywords. You can even start your own SEO business with this do it for you tool. I do SEO twice a week and “set it and forget it” for the entire week!


  • Fiverr: I've had a bunch of jingles, logos, bookmarking, and SEO work done for FIVE dollars. Incredible.
  • AirTasker:  Looking for someone to complete tasks for you.  Find workers (sort by reviews) ready to complete any project, any task that you want.  
  • 99Designs: For my big projects – I've used 99Designs for logos and blog design. I recommend logos only here. Blog design – absolutely avoid.  I highly recommend using StudioPress for your blog designs!
  • Upwork:  Seems like every freelance site is combining to make one weird outsourcing center.  Elance merged with Upwork & closed their site down.   I had spent over $210,000 on Elance, and now, Upwork is the new owner.    Right now, it's a bit difficult to find quality helpers, but once the Elance freelancers move over, then, it will be solid.

Video Player

  • Easy Video Player: Most of the big players out there are using Easy Video Player. You upload your video, add some clever features, and copy the code. Easily embed video in ANY website using this plugin.

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This Post Has 15 Comments

  1. Joe

    I was reading a how to install a blog post but somehow it took me away to this site. Do yoou have two sites or something?

    1. Kit Elliott

      Hey Joe,

      How to Start a Blog – Click Here

      I’m cleaning up my sites this month and making sure the links open in a new tab and creating self-contained pages within each site. Let me know if you need help!

      Share and Conquer,
      Kit Elliott
      Super Affiliate Creator

  2. Bola

    You had mentioned something about a solo ad that was working for you. How do you know if someone is a good solo ad?

    1. Kit Elliott

      Howdy Bola,

      When you order a solo ad, you can sort by who delivers the most buyer.

      Click Here to Search for Solo Ad Providers

      Pick someone who consistently delivers buyers for people.

      AND then, they do provide a money-back guarantee if they discover bot clicks or anything fishy.

      Let me know if you need help,

      Kit Elliott
      Super Affiliate Creator

  3. Willard

    Thanks for your help with the Clickfunnels Ladyboss video. I want to signup under you so you get the credit. I’m also buying the Funnel Builder course. I am wondering if you have a trick to get the course & the Clickfunnels membership.

    1. Kit Elliott

      Hey Willard,


      I bet if you go through this link, you can get MOST of the courses and it comes with 6 or 12 months of Clickfunnels.

      Clickfunnels Bundle

      AND then, if you signup under me, I always help edit/tweak any pages you need help with.


      Clickfunnels Bundle

  4. Bennett

    Since you have helped me the most without getting paid, I am going to signup for Aweber under you. Do you have a referral link?

  5. Margaret

    Hey Kit!

    I just saw your 7 minute setup video. This is exactly what I’ve been needing for years. Thanks so much. What is the page builder you’re using? I believe it was free and there’s a pro version.

    1. Kit Elliott

      Hey Margaret,

      You’re talking about Elementor (which has a free and pro version). I started out at the free version and because it was so good, I updated to the pro. Everything you need can be found in the free version.


      This is my referral link. If you upgrade to pro, they pay me an affiliate commission.


  6. Amy Johnson

    I need your membership site software. What do you use for all your sites?

  7. Stephen

    What is the affiliate training site?

    1. Kit Elliott

      Hey Stephen,

      The New Unstoppable Affiliate Training Center is LIVE! You can visit:


      This is the on-demand affiliate marketing where you learn & implement at the same time.

      When you get in, we have three levels of support:

      Level 1: Ask Questions Under Each Training & We Answer/Create Walkthroughs in Real Time.
      Level 2: If you still don’t have the answer, we do it WITH you.
      Level 3: If you still don’t have the answer, we do it FOR you at no cost to you.


      Share and Conquer,
      Kit Elliott

  8. Greg

    I need more of these ways to make money. Can we schedule a meeting to see what I can do?

    1. Kit Elliott

      Yes! We can definitely schedule a meeting to see “how to make money” and which business model works for your situation.

      Click on the Contact Me above & contact my team to schedule an appointment.

      Kit Elliott
      20 Tools I Use to Make Money Online

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