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I teach people just like you how to launch a scalable affiliate business  – even if you're starting from scratch.

Our approach is based off our Unstoppable Affiliate blueprint. This is a step-by-step video training course for planning, building and growing an affiliate-based online business – even if you don't have a passion or a niche. 

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What Tools & Resources Do I Use to Make Money Online?

Today, there are easy – push button tools and software you can use to build your online business, grow your sales, and help your team crush it. Here's the complete list of resources that I use for building over 945 websites and making over $500,000 per year! Share and Conquer!

Meet Kit Elliott, Affiliate Marketer

Welcome to my bio.  I'm Kit Elliott (semi-introverted, semi-extroverted) I'm an affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur, having started affiliate marketing my sophomore year in college (1999) and growing it into a seven-figure, multi-niche business.   I went on to graduate college & teach six grade Science & coach soccer/little league where after student loans & rent, I barely had enough money left to eat. 

Using my summers off,  I  plugged the affiliate marketing blueprint into review sites, membership sites, fitness sites, affiliate team sites and my own training products and was able to officially retire from teaching.

In 2004, I founded Super Affiliate and launched my first training blog for affiliates.   Since then, I help develop strategies for the average affiliate to become super affiliates using this blueprint.  After 20+ years & 650 professional websites, my goal is to help affiliates make money.

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