My Marketing Journey

Started blogging before they called it "blogging".
Graduated UNT and started teaching 6th Grade Science in Dallas, TX.
Crossed Seven Figures in Affiliate Marketing during my summers off.
Started writing copy full-time for lead pages, emails and video scripts with a specialty in direct response copywriting.
"Started teaching other affiliates how to create landing pages, blogs and sales funnels at SuperAffiliate."
"Completed over 600+ websites, landing pages and projects for well-known online companies..."
"Founded The Click Agency, online marketing agency..."
"Surpassed one million ad clicks..."
"One affiliate offer generated 7-figures in 24 hours..."
"Second affiliate offer generated 7-figures in 24 hours..."
"Third affiliate offer generated 7-figures in 24 hours..."
"Created Unstoppable Affiliate - my first course on affiliate marketing..."
"Joint ventured with companies looking to grow their affiliate program and boost sales..."
Delivering top-tier writing services to corporations and large-scale project clients.

Hi, I’m Kit, a Direct Response Copywriter based in Dallas, TX...

Hello Entrepreneur!  My name is Kit Elliott.  I’m an agency owner and online entrepreneur (and offline).  I’m been making money online for 20+ years.    I help online business owners get started and make money online. 

 I can help you reach your goals through my online courses, how-to’s, free guides and if you want, I’m more than happy to flesh out ideas over the phone.  

You can expect a no b.s., honest and direct approach to getting started and expanding your business.

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Copy that delivers measurable ROI for your business.

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